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You made the Choice.
Kumi's wound felt terrible. 'Fuck!' he mentally cursed.  Looking over to the half cat in the corner he closely watched his kitty eared lover struggle to breath.  Thankfully the cat appeared okay.  Other then the wounds he had had since before he showed up.  Kumi watched him closer as the black ears pressed down on his lovers head, clearly in pain.  Okay granted he was just hurled through the air by a Demonic centaur. Also his lover was far more fridgile then he was.  Internal bleeding, broken bones and what ever else could be going on in that body.  One trick Kumi didn't have up his figurative sleeve was x-ray vision.

He hoisted himself off the ground and stared the demon down.  Plan plan plan, he needed some sort of plan.  This Big ass fucker was going to grind him into his rebirth and his lover into bone meal if he didn't think of something. He took one step forward and heard a sickening splash sound, and suddenly felt a little liter. 

"Oh Fuck!"  He looked down.  He knew he was wounded but didn't think this badly.  Hell his bandages from when he was last patched up had fallen off, and in its stead was maybe four feet of his instantiates just sort of hanging out on the floor.  "That's not good."  pain not really computing on his list of shit to worry about.  "First a minor heal..."  he muttered, "Second blast this fucker through!" 

Kumi turned and look at the man in the corner.  "Ryu!"  He called, checking on him.  "You..."  Kumi stopped.

"Here!"  Ryu yelled and coughed up some blood.

'Internalk bleeding...well fuck that too.'  Kumi thought.

"Here!"  Ryu yelled louder, beckoning to Kumi. 

"but...!"  kumi said to himself, scooping up his innerds and putting them back in.  "If I go to him..."

"Now!"  Ryu yelled once more.

"Okay okay keep your soul in."  He laughed.  though he was sure Ryu's death was more likely then his own.  He'd have to punish himself later.  Glancing on what he had for cover Kumi saw the torches had mostly been blow out across the wall he was near.  That and most the pillars knocked over. 

He held the wound with one hand and ran toward the Cat, making sure he hid behind fallen pillar bits as he went.  Once he had made it to where he would have to cross the room he took note of the Demons location...

Right in the path.

Looking around he thought of what could possibly help him.  He grabbed with his unoccupied hand a hand full of ash and soot where it had appeared a torch had burn out.  The ash was still hot, hell some of the embers were red.  turning to the horse man demon he rand full on.  finding what was left in his strength to get in front of the centaur.  "Hey pony boy!"  He called.

The demon looked down and glared at Kumi.  His eyes red with range.  "DIE!"  it yelled.

"Fuck you!"  Kumi threw the ash in the centaur's eyes. 

The demon yelled an reared up knocking Kumi back against the wall Ryu was at.  Blood now pooling around him.  Soon he'd be a husk and too weak to fight, let alone save someone he cared about.  He tried to stand and realized once again a few thing had fallen out.  Once more he grabbed and placed it all back.  He held his left hand there again.  He tried a second time to stand and found the right arm wasnt work looking over he hesitated thinking he was gonna find a stump.  He sighed in relief when he saw it was still there.  In a odd angel, but there. 

Ryu crawled over to Kumi and looked at the body before him.  "Is that your..." Slash. As vomit and blood covered the floor. 

"Yes."  Kumi said simply.

"Im sorry."  Ryu moved himself to have his back against the wall.  "Here." 

Kumi turned to look at a dying lover.  He was pale and clearly weak a broken left knee cap forced the leg to bend.  Though it wasn't the clear pain that Ryu was in that shocked him it was..."My heaven pistal?" 

"Im sorry I thought a could..."

Kumi stopped Ryu by snatching up the black weapon so quick it was like lightning.  "No time to explain this, but you do when we get out."

Ryu nodded.

Kumi turned his body worming himself in front of Ryu.

The demon howled in the room knocking down more pillars.  it looking like kumi's trick had blinded it. 

Kumi leaned into Ryu and pressed his lips to the cats.  they held the moment fighting for dominance of one anothers mouths.  Only when they parted did Kumi speak between licking the blood of Ryus mouth.  "In case we die!"  He smiled.

"What?"  Ryu looked shocked.

No soon did the question be asked did Kumi take Ryu left hand and placed it on the gaping hole.  Knowing the other has most likely never felt entrails before, let alone Vampire ones.  Kumi ignored the squerming of the other male and wrapped a bloody hand around his neck pulling him closer and biting down hard.  There was no time to put Ryu to sleep like he had done so many times before him.  As he drank he hoped that the cat had a high pain tolerance, like his feline predecessors.

it had taken him about a minute to get some feeling back in his legs and strength in his arm.  He parted and licked the spot gently.  He turned his body around and faced the centaur, who was now blindly trying to find them.  "Hold me up if you can."  Kumi placed his gun occupid hand over Ryu's as to reassure him.

Using his Right arm Ryu pulled Kumi's back against his chest and held on.

"Close your eyes!"  Kumi said gently.  "Don't open them till I tell you."  He held up the onix colored pistil.

"Okay."  Ryu obeyed, squeezing his eyes shout.

Kumi focused the gun, aiming it for the demons head.  "How fuckin' dare you make this innacent have to soil his hands with this day.  How dare you touch one that is now protected  by not only me but so many.  You deserve the hell fire en-witch you were born."  Kumi checked the sight one last time, then shout his eyes.  "Say hi to Lucifer for me mother fucker."  And his hand squeezed the trigger four times.

Each shot rang out through there ears.  by the second the ringing deafness had set in on Ryu.  The shot spewed out great beams of light and blue fire.  Both of which would have blinded them.  

Kumi stopped and listened.  with no sound he slowly opened his eyes.  "Its okay now Ryu."  he said.

No movement.

"Ryu?"  He turned and saw Ryu's head limp resting on the wall.  He quickly lifted Ryu's hand and found a pink almost transparent layer of skin where the hole had been.  He got his legs to work and turn around and look into the face of his unconscious lover.

"Ryu!"  He called out.


A short story that goes with this pic its also a snidbit of a story Im working on.

Kumi is Chibi's char
Ryu is my own.


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i'm still here guys just been cazy busy ... life BIG journal soon
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